I sat and cried at dinner tonight.  We were talking about Tanner going to pack meeting and that this would probably be his last one.  It broke my heart and I couldn’t hold in the tears any longer.  Once I started it was like a bad cold and spread all around the table.  We talked about moving to Dayton.  Tanner wasn’t even in nursery yet.  Church was in the gym with chairs we set up every week.  We have watched Dayton grow, we have watched the ward grow, split, and the chapel get a much needed addition.  This is our life.  This is our family.

I have a sign hanging in my dining room given to me by someone I will miss dearly that reminds me to find joy in the journey of life.  Nothing is as constant as change, and as excited as we are about the prospects of our new adventure, fear is also present.  So I’m going to do my best to shove my fears down, and find joy in the journey.

Part of our dinner conversations tonight were things we would miss about living here, things we wouldn’t miss, and things that we are looking forward to in Ohio.  So the next three posts are dedicated to these topics.