Day 11–Alyssa the fisha

Whoops, missed day 10… I even thought about it, but got caught up in FHE and life.

Today as part of my own homemade preschool for Alyssa she had her first swim lesson.  She did well.  Alyssa is not overly social, and honestly it doesn’t bother her one bit, so a few social outings might be just what she needs.  She was able to listen and obey and has no fear of the water.  She jumped right in and was the first to challenge the rule of staying on the first 2 steps, little stink… but after a gentle reminder she caught herself sneaking off a few times and quickly self corrected herself.  I love to see her develop a little self control.  She can’t wait to go back next week.

We got a huge snow storm today, the kids were sent home from school early.  On our way to church the temperature in the van read -1.  We are finally experiencing the winter we’ve heard about.  Overall it’s not so bad.  I sat in my room today watching the snow fall, and it reminded me of being in a snow globe.  I had an overall feeling of peace and gratitude of being able to sit and watch this storm come in and know that we are safe and happy.  I’m blessed to be able to be home and enjoy these days with my babies, and get the awesome privilege of seeing discovery take place.  I’m the one who gets to see their faces come alive, their eyes shine…