Day 2 Kitchen

I loved my kitchen in my home in Nevada, but I’m not dwelling here, I’m accepting and knowing that it is temporary, in the mean time I plan to make lots of memories in this kitchen.  So here it is in all of it’s glory–  We are making our customary pot of oatmeal on Sunday night so ignore the bowls sitting on the island.

And a question for ya!  What is this for?  I can see plants, but the thought of putting water and dirt in there and then cleaning it all up seems like a poor idea not to mention the water would not be contained in there.  Right now it holds diapers and baby wipes and binkies, and whatever else the kids decide to put in there.  Any good ideas on what I could use this for?

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Kitchen”

  1. I’m so excited you’re doing 365. My childhood home had a balustrade with planter things built in, like that. My parents didn’t grow anything in them either–or at least never in my memory. They did have dirt in them, though. I remember my brother eating the dirt on more than one occasion. Diapers are better than dirt!

  2. I think in your little cranny I would put surprises or decorations that celebrate the month. Possibly some oil based clay that would be easy to remove in one big hunk with a solid tree branch sticking into it. You could have little clothes pins or paper clips attached that could show off good school work or art work. I would hang handmade paper snowflakes and then homemade Valentines, then St. Patrick Day stuff and Easter stuff for April. One time when we had scrambled eggs we tried to break the eggs carefully in half. The you wash out the shell and put 2 yellow pom poms and made them into little ducks and chicks and glued ribbon to the shell and hung them in the branches.
    I think your new house looks great. The kitchen is not bad at all.
    Love you guys

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