Day 7– Preschool

Well, it turns out that no one is interested in a co-op preschool here.  Most mothers have their children in a formal preschool, the prices run anywhere from a couple hundred a month to $400 a month and it’s just not in my budget, so I decided to do my own thing.  I enrolled Alyssa in swim lessons, the local community center has all kinds of classes, so this month swim, next month ballet, Spanish, princess manners class, gymnastics, tennis, you get the idea.  As for a curriculum I went with Five in a Row, and we are both enjoying it.  I love that it gives me a break down for every subject during the week based on one story.  The library makes it easy, they have all of the books and they make it so easy to find them and hold them online.  A white board with markers for mastering letters and we are all set.

Alyssa is happy– her new primary teacher has pink lips, it doesn’t take much to please her just a little beauty.  So for Friday’s picture, we just finished with Ping and learned all about China and the Yangtze River.