Day 33 No Electricity

By midnight we were without power, and temperatures were falling.  In Nevada we had ourselves a little heater and propane.  We weren’t allowed to take our propane on the truck that moved our stuff, so we ignorantly thought we could run to Wal-Mart for some propane, only thousands of others had the same idea.  No propane for us.  Here is Hallie napping in her coat, with lots of other layers on.  When the going got rough I got wimpy and in a very unattractive way, I whined and demanded heat and electricity.  I’m not as tough as I thought.  Guess what we are buying with our tax refund, never thought I’d be excited to say I spent a thousand bucks on a generator before.  I guess I learned a lesson the hard way this week.  Pity was taken upon me and a ward member loaned us their generator.  I must have learned my lesson quickly because our power was restored and there are  people around us without power.  Glad I’m a fast learner.