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Thoughts of Emma

17 April 2011

Home Means Nevada

By Emma O’Barr

I look out my window and notice the stars twinkling bright,
So I walk outside to greet the desert night.
A cool breeze caresses my face,
I hear the crickets sing at a lively pace.
A tumbleweed rolls across the street,
At the same time, I hear two coyotes greet.
I can never leave this place, I say.
Little did I know, I didn’t have long to stay.
Good-bye, my mountain home,
For far away I now must roam.
Leaving one’s home, is so hard to do,
But my family’s love will help me make it through.


3 Comments to “Thoughts of Emma”

  1. Very impressive.

  2. Jeff Luke Titcomb

    Such a nice poem! Remember life will bring to you many journeys. Follow your heart, that still small voice. Your mountain home will greet you again someday.

  3. This poem actually brought tears to my eyes! Very sweet, tender, and beautiful.

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