Thoughts of Emma

Home Means Nevada

By Emma O’Barr

I look out my window and notice the stars twinkling bright,
So I walk outside to greet the desert night.
A cool breeze caresses my face,
I hear the crickets sing at a lively pace.
A tumbleweed rolls across the street,
At the same time, I hear two coyotes greet.
I can never leave this place, I say.
Little did I know, I didn’t have long to stay.
Good-bye, my mountain home,
For far away I now must roam.
Leaving one’s home, is so hard to do,
But my family’s love will help me make it through.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of Emma”

  1. Such a nice poem! Remember life will bring to you many journeys. Follow your heart, that still small voice. Your mountain home will greet you again someday.

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