Grandma and Grandpa O

We spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa O.  What a joy and a treat they are to our family.  Grandma spent her trip here sewing dresses for Alyssa and Hallie.  They turned out beautiful, I only wish she could have stayed long enough to see them wear them to church.  The smocking was perfect and something I thought I’d like to learn to do until I saw/heard about all the work that was involved.  These dresses will forever be treasured.  I didn’t catch a photo of them wearing them this past Sunday but I will this week.  Alyssa refused to take her dress off last week and we finally pulled her out of it when she fell asleep.

We did make it to the John Johnson farm where Joseph Smith was tarred and feathered and lived for a while with the Johnson family.  The home has been beautifully restored.  I can’t help but think of all the terrible things that occurred there, and the suffering that happened.  What a sad time. I’m so thankful for the sacrifice of the early Saints.

A strangle disguised as a hug