Yup that’s right, Hallie, my baby, turned 2.  It was a crazy week full of lots of activities and guests coming to visit, so we went to Cosi on Thursday (her actual birthday) but had cake and presents and all things yummy on Friday.  Aubrey was very offended for Hallie, she thought we were horrible to move her birthday for our convenience.

A few things about my Hallie:

  • She has a lisp, that I hope she doesn’t grow out of too quickly
  • She speaks in complete sentences and is very opinionated
  • She finally sleeps through the night
  • She refuses to tell you that she is 2, it’s become a game for her to tell you that she is 1
  • We go to a park at the bottom of a dam and she loves to ask if we are going to the “dam park”
  • She still twirls her hair and anyone else’s who will let her
  • She loves to say prayer
  • Her brother and sisters adore her and love to give her more attention than she can handle
  • Her blue eyes always sparkle (none of these photos are touched up!)
  • She is the most polite child ever (always says “please” and “thank you”)

We love you so much little Hallie, you are a joy to us, and your little voice makes us all grin.  Thank you for being the caboose in our family!


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