Some Summer Fun

A few pictures to capture a few moments:

Alum Creek Lake--half a mile from our house!

Hallie's first haircut, so cute, not so much a baby anymore
No swim lessons this summer, but lots of time in the lake has made them pretty comfortable in the water

Grandma and Grandpa T spent a week with us this summer.  Grandpa and Danny took the kids fishing but I didn’t dare send a camera with 5 kids and Grandpa, I was afraid I was already asking too much.  We went to the state fair and got caught in a huge storm.  The kids love Grandpa, he’s so chill and loves to watch cartoons with them and buy them candy, I look the other way during the week because I know this time is so important.

Cute Tanner received his Webelo in July.  They had a swimming party so he was all wet.  I’m so proud of Tanner.  He also spent two weeks at pre-algebra camp this summer.

Tomato Thief

Danny picked weeds, Hallie helped.  This is just half of what she picked, little stinker.  We had quite a crop of tomatoes this week so we weren’t too upset, and who can get upset at that cute face, especially when she just thought she was helping.

Stellar storms blow through here weekly.  This one had so much lightening I was certain I could get a picture of it, but I didn’t.  We haven’t watered our lawn or our garden once this summer it’s been a treat.  I love the rain, and we love to sit on the front porch and watch the storms come.

Had to capture some of the girls summer paintings.  I might be tempted to complain about the messes they  make but they are staying busy and having such a good time.

Next week is our last full week before school begins, and I want to go out with a bang. Looking forward to another great school year.

2 thoughts on “Some Summer Fun”

  1. I’m jealous of the lake in the backyard! I’ve had no lake time this summer – definitely on of the more difficult adjustments to Colorado.

    How’d Tanner like pre-Algebra camp? That sounds like a great opportunity for him!

  2. I love the art work! We recently got some new art supplies and I sympathize with you about the messes. But when they make masterpieces like your family portraits there, it’s a little easier to swallow. Congrats to Tanner getting his Webelos badge.

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