The Ohioan Islands

I wanted the to send the summer off with a bang.  I said to Danny “throw caution to the wind”.  “Take us to a Hawaiian Island.”  Either he failed Geography or he needs help in the hearing department… oh wait…  I guess he has a valid excuse, really I think he was following his wallet.

Who knew landlocked, middle of America Ohio had islands.  Lucky for us we get to discover these things, what joy it has been to have a renewed sense of discovery and adventure.  The boat ride was probably the highlight of the day.  No one puked, so I was happy too.

I have decided that life on an island would be very laid back, and the houses are so stinking cute.  If I ever come into a sum of money, I’m going to buy a summer house on an island, and just let the kids swim, hike and be kids and I’m going to plant my butt in a hammock, retrieve and bathe the children at night.

When we first got there we thought we would just hike to the other side of the island where the sandy beaches were and have a swim.  It was a bit of a hike and we made it, but the thought of dragging them all back was a little overwhelming, so Dad saved the day.

While Dad was hooking us up with our ride the rest of us did what all people who live on an island should do.

Deep in thought

We took off to tour the island, now I have to come home and buy a golf cart, it was such a great way to get around.  One more reason I should move to an island.

A few sites:

Grooves carved by a glacier, the girls wanted to fill it with water and use it as a water slide.

Cute little house.

And then back to reality, but it was fun while it lasted.  There are a few more islands to visit, you can bet we will.

Boat ride back

School starts up this week, along with that comes a buzz of nervous excitement in the house. I look forward to setting some new goals and getting into a nice routine.