Little Lyssa

Princess Alyssa knew exactly how she wanted her birthday to go down. For those who know Alyssa she knows just what she wants and is hard to convince otherwise. She is stubborn, opinionated and good as gold. Her birthday plans started a month ago with the choosing of the perfect dress. I took Alyssa to the mall where I brought a big dose of patience and let her try on any dress she wanted. She picked half a dozen and we went to the dressing room. This was a first for her and she loved the whole process. She twirled in all of the mirrors and when she had tried on all of the dresses she asked if she could try them on again. She finally decided on a bright pink, sparkly dress. We found some bright pink shoes to match, picked out tights and then brought it home to wrap. This morning she opened her dress before church, of course I didn’t get a picture. Church is at 9am and Emma and Danny had to be there at 8:20 meaning they had to leave at 7:55 to get there on time and Hallie decided to have a fit at breakfast because Tanner took her cup away… Bringing myself back on topic… I didn’t get a picture, but she looked like a birthday girl. After church we had pizza and hot wings and cake, the cake had to be chocolate with bright pink frosting with her name in purple. I decided to just buy one, it tasted as interesting as it looked and no one ate much… hey I might be on to something. We opened presents and had a tea party.

It isn’t easy having a birthday close to Christmas, but Alyssa seems to enjoy her Christmas birthday and even insists that I wrap her gifts in Christmas paper.

Alyssa is a bright child who can talk faster than anyone I know, she loves to tell stories in an animated fashion. She cares about what she wears and carefully plans out her outfits and hair. She is a kind and loving child who just wants to grow up faster than I wish she would. I love you My little Lyss!