A Picture…

is worth a thousands words…right? Well it’s gonna have to be–Smile!

See a tragedy has happened, my beautiful camera has suffered an injury, and all things have to be taken from a far distance to get a decent picture. It will cost me half of what a new camera would cost to fix it, but the camera is 5 years old… see my dilemma. But I still have a few to share, and I did buy a new (not as nice) camera until I decide what to do with my baby.

Cousins come to visit and we went to the zoo!

More cousins–we love living closer to family.

Working on the new house interior. Someone here really liked their honey oak (not me).

All white now and so is the trim in the room. Next the walls to give it some contrast.

Tanner gives wrestling a try–he loved it!

February 2012–Hallie is growing and changing so fast.

After having a hard time finding a modest dress for Emma, Grandma O’Barr volunteered to sew Emma a new dress. As you can see it turned out perfect! A little update on Emma (brag-fest–sorry) Emma won her school spelling bee and moved on to regionals, she then moved on to state, where she was one of 69 other competitors from the state. She took 20th! She was disappointed, but she has no reason to be. She woke herself up daily at 5am to study and Danny and I are very proud of her. As you can see she is growing into a beautiful young lady. She enters high school this next year, a bunch of new first for us as parents, and we can’t wait.

Wow, and I’m current! Spring Break was this past week. Last year we had freezing temperatures, so I planned a trip to a nearby indoor water park, thinking we’d enjoy the warmth and appreciate the swimming while it was freezing outside. It ended up being in the high 80’s all week. Oh well, we had a blast. We would do this again, the room was nice, the water park was perfect with attractions for all ages.

OK a fuzzy picture=new camera–frown. Give you an idea of the fun room. Our room was upstairs and the kids were all downstairs. Everyday it was wake up and go to the water park. We did a few side trips to IKEA and to Jungle Jim’s. If you haven’t ever heard of Jungle Jim’s it’s an international food market that is 6 acres large. Danny likes to get his Norwegian Goat Cheese there–blech and a jar of gooseberries to put on toast. They have huge isle of hot sauce with some of the funniest labels. Fresh produce and lots of things I have never seen before. We bought some oranges from Japan that were super sweet, large like a regular orange, but peeled like a Cutie. You can buy fresh fish, as in still swimming. We bought some candy from different counties and then ate some lunch.

A few interesting fruits at Jungle Jim’s.

Just to wrap things up, we are still enjoying Ohio, loving the schools, people, and this winter the weather too.


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