Egg Hunt

The neighborhood put on an egg hunt for the kids on Saturday 3/31. Emma and Tanner were too old this year. If you look at the picture with Aubrey and her good friend Marlee you can see Tanner in the background looking all grumpy that he couldn’t play too. I guess I should cut him some slack today he is pretty sick and he was probable not feeling well yesterday either, but I still made him come with us.

Our neighborhood has two big green spaces, perfect for flying kites, launching rockets and getting a neighborhood ball game going. And yes, the lawn is really this green, I’ve already mowed my lawn twice this spring, and it’s ready for another mowing already 2X a week at least, and no we don’t have sprinklers or water our lawn, splendid I tell ya! Too many years of forcing a lawn to grown in the desert.

A little bit about our new friends. They moved in down the street one week before we did. They came from New Mexico and have 7 year old twins and a 5 year old and are members of the church. It was a perfect fit. As you can see from the 1 group picture I was able to snap, our 5 year olds have similar personalities, look how impressed they weren’t that we were having a photo op moment when egg finding was the main event. Marlee is in Aubrey’s class and her twin brother Sam is in another class. Both Alyssa and Lizzie will be going to kindergarten this year.