The Girls Room

This is the room that sold the house ( the riding lawn mower and snow blower didn’t hurt). Having 3 girls pretty close in age comes with its challenges. How do you split rooms when the next sibling is a boy (the ONLY boy) and is 11 years old. I have tried so many different ways of splitting them all up but someone is always left out. When we first moved here the only thing Aubrey wanted was her own bedroom. I let her have it and she decided she HATED it and was so lonely and the other girls had no desire to be alone. I didn’t think I’d find a house that would house three girls in one room so my goal was to find a house with a big basement that could maybe house them together. When I walked in and saw this room I knew it was the house for us, plus it had a finished basement with a perfect toy room so it had everything I was looking for. I’m eventually going to get to painting this room but for now here is a little peek at the perfect room.

No matter what I did I couldn’t get the whole room in one picture. Gives you an idea though. What I will do when they are all older and really do want their own rooms? I’m not sure, guess there is always the basement.


2 thoughts on “The Girls Room”

  1. That is a big room. How fun for the girls to be that close. We currently have all four in one room. There definitely are good and bad things about it, but I love how they tell stories to each other and sleep three-to-a-bed because so-and-so just makes them feel safe.

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