Hallie is 3

My little Hallie is full of such spunk, we adore her. She gets annoyed by all of us trying to do so much for her and just wants to be a big girl. For her birthday she wanted a pink sleeping bag, a camping chair, a water bottle and a green cake. Not exactly the little princess party I had planned in my mind. We invited some friends over for a BBQ and had a great time running in the sprinklers and throwing water balloons. She got exactly what she wanted for her birthday. Our good friends and neighbors had a Pink Hello Kitty sleeping bag that their girls had outgrown, so that was covered. We provided the rest of the gifts and she was happy as can be. The weekend before her birthday we went camping in Amish Country, and we gave her the camping chair then. As for a cake, I baked a Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake (thanks pioneer woman) and put green sprinkles on it to cover the request of a green cake.