Spring brought many surprises in our yard. According to our neighbors, the people who lived here were very private people, their children were long raised and gone and they spent a lot of their time working in the yard. We were pleased to see so many plants come up this spring and continue to be surprised as the seasons progress. One of the best finds is the Lily of the Valley that covers all of the flower beds in the back. When it blooms, it looks unreal, so tiny and perfectly formed are the flowers. The great maple tree in the front is surrounded by lilac bushes, and has become a little hideout for the children, they sit in there and play all sorts of fairy games and their imaginations run wild. The Magnolia bushes are everywhere and the smell is amazing, as are the blooms. The only major change we made to the yard was the overgrown bushes in the front yard. They hid the front porch, which is such a nice feature of the home. After we got them pulled out we weren’t sure what to put in there, so for this year some nice yellow marigolds, maybe next year we will put in something a little more permanent after some time to think.