Dreary Winter

Our first winter in Ohio was terrible, our second winter┬ábearable, this winter wins the dreary award. There hasn’t been a ton of snow, and what we did get quickly melted away with a rain storm. But the sun has been missing for a very long time. Monday we had a very nice day so Hallie and I went on a walk to the lake to bask in her glory.


We listened to the sound of the cracking ice and played with the thin shards as they moved up on shore. We haven’t see the sunshine since, and the kids are all sick. It’s been a miserable week, but I know Spring is just around the corner.

Hallie has been taking swim lessons

A picture from outside our living room window.

I’ve lost 17 pounds, but had a rough week sticking to my eating habits. Time to renew my commitment.

Emma is taking a sewing class and Tanner just started a class to be able to compete in swim team. Everyone is ready for Spring Break, and I wish I had somewhere amazing to take them, but I’m afraid a staycation is our future this year. Of course, last year we went to Great Wolf Lodge, and it was 80 degrees, and this year it’s dreary and miserable and I don’t have a us planned to go anywhere to get out of the muck. Pray for a heat wave that week.