Spring Break Staycation

I have spent all week torturing the children. See spring break is this week, and due to it being so close to Easter and a huge snowstorm we decided to do a stay-cation. Only I told the kids that we were having a Spring Clean-cation. I carried the story to the very end, even printing up spring cleaning check lists for the kids to follow. They rebelled and shredded the check lists on my bed tonight. I just smiled and told them they would be eating liver and onions for a week and sent them to bed. It was all in fun, they knew I was up to something, just not sure what.

After the kids were all in bed, I went downstairs and blasted some music. They were all puzzled and came down the stairs to see what in the world was wrong. There sitting in the living room was their Stay-Cation Survival Basket. It included their itineraries for the week. It was also loaded with new sunglasses, soda, gold fish crackers, and candy (all things banned from our house). Candy isn’t always banned, I just don’t buy it often. Here are their reactions.

You can look at our itinerary here:

Staycation Itinerary 2013








Poor little Hallie, she was so exhausted tonight she was asleep in the 5 minutes it took me to go downstairs and get things ready. She will have to learn about our week tomorrow. Kids are back in bed, and I’m hoping for a week full of fun and adventure.