Good week

I’m pretty sure I have an addiction to brownies. There is just something about warm, gooey brownies. I actually startled myself today when I started making a batch. I told myself that I’m such a good mom, what a nice surprise that will be for my kids when they come home and have warm brownies to eat… what a crock. It’s me that wants the brownies. Sigh, I need to work on that. I even refer to my baby as a brownie, when she wakes up she is so warm and cuddly and it reminds me of the feeling I get from a warm brownie, maybe I need professional help. Don’t respond to that.

Anyway, it’s been a good week overall. The kids had dentist appointments on Thursday, and it took forever. We got to the office at 10:45, the appoinment was at 11, but you know me on time things, so 15 minutes was my fault, but we didn’t leave until 10 after 1:00, and that was just to have two kids teeth cleaned. It was nap time for Alyssa, and she was so restless, and fussy. Aubrey held up pretty good, but I was a bunch of nerves because of Alyssa. I have come to the realization though that my older two are old enough to be left at a dentist office. They have grown up so gradually, that I don’t think I realized that they are well growing up. Next time, since the dentist office is just 5 minutes from my home, I will drop them off, and then come back for them. With a book and a DS they are capable of behaving. There were no issues with teeth. I’m always so relieved when they get a good check up, they have their fathers teeth if you can inherit teeth, I have so many more issues with my teeth than Danny does.

We had Parent Teacher Conferences this week also. Both kids, I’m proud to say got glowing reports, and straight A’s. There teachers just love them! Danny likes to come to the Parent Teacher Conferences with me, which is great, but meant that we had to leave the kids home. The little one was napping, and the school is just down the street so we left Emma and Tanner home and told them to call if they needed us. We were just in conference with Tanner’s teacher, and she was saying what a bright, and gifted child he was when Emma called to tell us that Tanner had gotten his foot stuck in the coffee table. There’s my little Einstein at work…

I went out to lunch today with some ladies in our ward. We try and do it monthly, and we bring our kids. It was nice to get out and chat with well, grown ups. I don’t realize how much I miss that until I go out with them.

The rest of the day is pretty busy, this is my down time while Alyssa sleeps and Aubrey watches a little TV. Emma has a birthday party at 6:00 tonight and Costco has some good coupons so while she is at the party in Carson City, I’m going to run to Costco and do a mega shop. Tanner has a play date, he probably wouldn’t want me to call it that, he is going to a friends house to play after school. So everyone is busy this evening. We are also planning on fixing the fence this weekend so we need to go buy the stuff for that.

Danny fired up our sprinklers last night, I love the sound of sprinklers. They sell silent sprinklers but I requested noisy ones, to me that sound is like well a brownie. The kids ran through the sprinklers last night and I sat outside on the swing and enjoyed the smell coming up from the lawn and the noise of the kids and the sprinklers. The kids were wearing long sleeve shirts and jeans, but they just couldn’t seem to stay out of the water. Who can blame them. I can’t wait to fire up the BBQ and enjoy some sunshine. Well that is all from me. I went on a little long today… but now I can smell those baking brownies and I must go.