Adult Conversaton… what's that?

I’m watching a little boy today. He’s Aubrey’s age, and they are having a good day. I decided to take them to the park for a picnic, and this is what I heard.
Nicholas: Can you bite your tongue?
Nicholas: Does it hurt when you bite your tongue
Aubrey: Yes I can bite my tongue, OUCH!
Aubrey: Yes it hurts when I bite my tongue
Nicholas: OUCH! It does hurt (giggle, giggle)
Aubrey: OUCH!
Nicholas: OUCH
Aubrey: OUCH!
Nicholas: OUCH!
Aubrey: OUCH!
Please tell me that there is hope for these children.
It went like this for the whole drive to the park. I’m thinking I’m really in need of some adult conversation!
Aubrey asked me if it hurt when I bite my tongue, and believe it or not I bit my tongue, and it does hurt.
Luckily tonight is my night to go out with Danny, we swap with another family once a month, they take our kids, we take theirs. It couldn’t have come at a better time.
Have a good weekend everyone, and don’t bite your tongue it hurts.