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Tanner and I have been reading Kidnapped together. It is written by Robert Louis Stevenson, who also wrote Treasure Island. The version we are reading is abridged, but I’m hoping to use this to inspire him to read the original when he gets a little older. The wording in this book can be a little difficult but it has given us a lot of opportunity to talk about meanings of words, and phrases that are no longer used.
This book is full of pirate talk, and fights, which just captivates Tanner’s attention. The art work is amazing, and only helps to draw him into the book. Last night we read one chapter, he reads one page out loud then I read the next page out loud, but when we were finished he wanted more. After I got the little girls in bed I returned to his room and read another chapter with him. Anyway, an enjoyable read for a boy, and his mom, I must admit, I haven’t read this classic before, I’m interested in knowing how it is going to end, but told Tanner I wouldn’t read on without him.

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  1. I found you and your blog!I had jakes pictures taken by Lynda tonight and she told me of your blog! Jake does knows Tanner in his class! I want to go hiking with you! Call me!
    Take care!
    The Hastings

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