OK, I think I can do it this time…

A few of you saw an announcement that I made last week on my blog. I quickly deleted it, putting it in writing made it a little too real, and completely sent me into a panic. I’m really struggling with this, and I’m not sure how to deal with the feelings I’m having. Of course a new baby is such a blessing, and we will love this new addition with all of our hearts, it’s just going to take a while to adjust to this. The kids seem very excited about it, Tanner would really like a brother, of course there are no guarantees there. I pray that I will find a way to balance all of the needs of these young spirits, and know how to guide them, teach them, and help them find their place in this sometimes scary world. Excuse my drama, we’re all entitled to a little now and then right?
Anyway, we are excited, scared, worried, I’m sure there isn’t an emotion that we haven’t experienced over the last few weeks, but in the end we will have another beautiful member of our family, and I’m sure that I will look back on this and wonder what I was ever worried about, and wont be able to imagine life without this new little one…
I’ll keep you posted on due date, I haven’t called the doctor yet, I’m not anxious to start all the appointments, blood draws, weigh ins, etc… I have an appointment on the 27th of Oct. to see how the birth control is working for me, so maybe I’ll keep that appointment and let him know how it’s working then.

7 thoughts on “OK, I think I can do it this time…”

  1. Congratulations on many points! Hurray for Alyssa. A major milestone and a major accomplishment.

    A new baby is exciting news. You run a very happy, balanced home, so my opinion is that none of your children could ever be neglected. And you’ll have some very able helpers in Emma and Tanner. Do you have an estimated due date?

  2. Thats great news! I am happy for you! Congrats! I guess walking up the mountain is out now! Take care! Let us kow when you have a due date!

  3. Oh walking up the hill is definitely not out. If anything I need to do it more now, then ever… you’ll be hearing from me!

  4. I thought maybe I was losing it! I am glad that I was not losing it! I thought that was on your blog! Then I saw nothing! I will support you in any way possiable! The Lord will bless you! Good Luck!Keep us updated!

  5. Connie,
    I have been trying to call you but I can’t find your home number anywhere. Please may I have it or I’ll have to call and bug your parents? Call me 435-616-4143

  6. Ha ha. I just read this again and had to laugh about your appointment with your doctor to check on how your birth control is doing. So I am to guess that this was a “break through” baby? You don’t worry a thing. You are a rockin mama and will kick butt with this next one as you have your others. You have completely given up your life for your children. Something that I am still struggling with. No worries lady. Just let Dan know in the future to stay away from you because his “desserts” are too “fattening.”

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