A Day of Many Thanks

It’s been a challenging week with sick kids, field trips, and prep work for Tanner’s birthday party. Today I found myself in a situation that I personally could not get myself out of, and had to call a friend for help. I really have a hard time asking people to help me, but I was so grateful for the kindness of a friend today. She was willing to drive to the store, pick up treats for Tanner’s classroom and take them in for me, and even took care of my Aubrey and picked her up from preschool for me. Thank You!
I must also thank my wonderful husband today! He swooped in and saved the day when I had given up. He does this a lot, and is so positively fabulous, and my best friend, and I would be lost without my wonderful man who is always so willing to play along with my crazy plans. My crazy plan this time involved making light sabers for all of the birthday guest, but when I couldn’t find the right pieces for the project, he had a solution and just took care of it. Thank You Danny! I love you!
Now on to Tanner’s party. Can I just say that every guest was truly charming and respectful and lots of fun to have here. Tanner had a blast. I really had to take some deep breaths with 11 boys and 3 girls running around with light sabers bopping everything they came in contact with, but that is what I wanted to make them for, and I’m glad they were able to enjoy them.
Now for some pictures from the party!

Danny even made a little light saber for Alyssa, who wasn’t feeling too well.

All is quiet now, and I can relax, tomorrow I’m going to go see Twilight with my friend from forever who is in town and I’m so excited. The kids are watching a movie, Alyssa I think is feeling a little better, and I’m ready for some sleep.

6 thoughts on “A Day of Many Thanks”

  1. thanks for the smile on my child face! He had tons of fun!You made it so much fun fo rthe kids! Happy Birthday to tanner!

  2. Oh yes, my friend from forever ago, we are going to watch sexy vampire boys. Hmmm hmmmm. Call me. Randy is taking Hayden and Aspen to the game. I’ll have Sadie. I’m leaving here at 10am and will be done at the temple at about 1215 if you want to buy the tickets. Eh?

  3. Happy Birthday to Tanner from Grandpa O’Barr. Grandma and I wish we could have been there too.

    Sexy vampire boys. Hmmm hmmmm. Now I know why all the female members of my family have been unstoppable in their quest to read all 4 books and go see the movie. And I was told it was just because the author was LDS.

    Grandpa O

  4. ha ha, (blushing now), I feel like a teenager who’s been caught doing something naughty.
    Heather you have to watch your comments on my blog!!! You’ve always been good at getting me into trouble girlie.

  5. I’m glad you got the help you needed. It’s nice to have friends so willing to help!

    Looks like Tanner had a great birthday!

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