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All this time I thought I was stinky.

4 December 2008

I drive Emma and Tanner to school every morning. There is a bus, but I enjoy the extra time I have with them and I really don’t mind, it breaks up the morning a little. But for the last 4 months that I have been driving them they run out to the van and fight over who HAS to sit in the front by me. They both want to sit in the back. So today Tanner lost and had to sit in the front, so I asked him why don’t you guys want to sit with me in the morning. Man when I was a kid we used to fight over who got the front seat. And very innocently Tanner says, we fight over the back because whoever sits in the back gets to sit in the front on the way home, and we like to be the first to talk to you on the way home from school. Gosh, sometimes they can be so sweet.


2 Comments to “All this time I thought I was stinky.”

  1. Heidi Sue Photography

    That is soo beautiful!! Good job momma O’Barr!

  2. How cute! That’s a sweet story!!!

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