We got hit with a large storm last night. It was the most annoying kind of storm, the wind blew and blew hard, but no snow of any kind to show for it all. I really thought that the windows were going to break and it just wouldn’t let up. Aubrey and Tanner, my sleepers slept right through it. Alyssa and Emma joined me in my room from about 1am until 3:30ish. I don’t know how the others slept through it. The wind is still blowing this morning.

We lost sections of fence, and the trampoline was picked up and thrown against our play set. 4X4’s were snapped right in half, so Danny will be spending his afternoon reconstructing a fence. The neighbors, will probably want to hire someone to fix it, but we wont want to pay for that, so I’m sure Danny will be fixing it, and soon since we both own a dog.

2 thoughts on “Wind”

  1. This storm is was soooooo yucky! I didn’t sleep at all!It did damage to our house and tramp! Darn forsaken storm! Yucky!But I guess it comes with living in the Desert!

  2. Well Happy Birthday to you! Did you see Toto. I swear that we did last week when the freaky wind hit us. It’s too bad that tramps don’t come with tie downs. After our tramp flew around, we tied it to the side of the house. Too bad about your fence. How many times has it blown down now? Well, Happy Birthday anyways. Love me.

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