Good News

I had a doctors appointment this morning. I’ve been dreading this appointment for days now, knowing that I haven’t seen him since right after Thanksgiving, and I was worried about the weight gain. Good news for me, made my day, I almost bought me a milk shake, but settled for a tootsie roll instead, but I only gained 1 pound. I almost did a little dance in the office I was so happy. With Alyssa I gained a total of 16 pounds, and I’m up 6 pounds total now with this baby and half way there, so here’s hoping that I can keep the weight gain under 10 pounds…

I know that there is no scientific proof that a heart rate can tell you the sex of the babies, but today the heart rate was in the 140’s, and all of my girls have had heart rates in the 160’s. I love my girls, but really, how many pair of mary janes shoes, and tights can one woman endure? Not to mention the amount of time it takes me to do hair in the mornings, and I think Danny is really scared I might buy more hair things, and he and Tanner will be over taken by bows, ribbons and barretts. But girls are so much fun, and really very easy. I know I don’t have teenagers yet, and it’s very possible it will change, but really people should stop scarring me about teenagers. Can they really be that bad? If I hear one more time from complete strangers, and people I know how bad my life is going to be in a few years, you’re really scaring me, they should not warn me. Ignorance is bliss, and I’ll deal with it when I have to. I’m such a worrier anyway, I really don’t need the pressure. Kind of off topic there… sorry.

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  1. You know, even though I’m biased, I don’t think teenagers are all THAT bad. I do my own hair, clean my own room, change my cat’s litter box (without prompting), make my own bed, and take care of my younger siblings. I also do a lot of babysitting in the ward, and that gives me spending money that doesn’t come from my parents.

    My mom says that people with teenagers who say that are just jealous that their kids aren’t cute and little anymore. Besides- your kids are still going to be the same people they are now. That isn’t going to change.

  2. Good points Kayleigh. I keep thinking that my kids wont change so dramatically, but I’ve been told so many times that teenage girls are trouble, although I wasn’t much trouble, I don’t think?! (better ask my mom)


  3. Good for you with your weight gain! I’m quite jealous! I gained 30lbs! But I’m working at getting it all off these hips of mine!

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