Sunday update

It’s been a week since I blogged last. My schedule has been a little altered, Danny has had the last two weeks off work, and it’s been great, but I am looking forward to getting back to my normal schedule.
So I’m down to 10 days until we have our big ultrasound. Hopefully everything is good with the baby, but I must admit, I will be a little upset if we can’t figure out what this baby is. My doctor, the little stinker that he is sometimes, doesn’t think that finding out the sex of the baby is important, so if he happens to notice it, he might tell you, and then again, he might not. With the last two babies, he’s given me a 60% chance of a girl, I think I could have guaranteed myself those odds without his expertise. Anyway, I’m tapping into my not so reliable woman powers, and they say this is another girl. I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks. This is what the family is thinking:

Danny- boy
Emma- girl
Tanner- boy
Aubrey- boy, although has changed to a girl since that is what Emma answered
Alyssa- boy

As for this week, We’ve painted my bedroom, saw Bedtime Stories, and went to Scheels. Over all I think the kids had a good vacation, there is a part of me that is sad to see the kids go back to school tomorrow, but such is life.

I put a poll in the top right corner, you can vote there.

5 thoughts on “Sunday update”

  1. That doctor gave me 60% chance of girl when I had him with my pregnancy with Eden. I was pretty irritated too. Especially when he got up to take a phone call just when we were getting ready for that part! He is really nice and definitely family-centered, though. I hope your ultrasound goes well.

  2. I am going with “out of the mouth of the babes” Alyssa. She might still have an open correspondence with heaven so she would know. I would love to come over and takes baby pictures. When is the due date?

  3. You know, we could definitely use another girl in the O’Barr grandkids. There are only five girls right now, and eight boys. We could use one more girl. 🙂

  4. Hey Connie,

    I think that this will be a boy. Now I say that with the Tanner in mind because I think he dreams about having a brother? The heart rate is one indicator and another is how you carry specifically if the bulge is high or low–I think you should post a picture and we can all vote. lol Uncle Mark says hi everyone and we miss you! Carry on then no pun intended.

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