Danny and I are working on names, so last night we went to Family Search to look at some family names for inspirations. Let’s just say there are some interesting names out there, and I would love to know the story behind some of these names. I’ll share some of our favorites.

Mahitable Prudence: I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly or not, but I spelled it how it’s pronounced.

One that caught my attention for a boy was :

Orange: Yup, that’s right, maybe it had been so long since this pioneer family had fresh fruit they started naming their children after fruits.

I actually found some real contenders though. My favorites came from the Horn side there was Camille, Kirsti, and Josie.
As for boys, I’m kind of leaning toward Gavin with a middle name of Justus, which comes from the same side of my Tolman line as Mahitable.

We have not decided on anything though and I love name suggestions, so suggest away.

4 thoughts on “Names?”

  1. Love the girl names! LOve the BOys name! That name is not commen! Love Love Lvoe it! NO suggestions! YOurs are great names!

  2. I like Orange. It could hide out as a middle name… and it’s better than some middle names I’ve heard of. 🙂

  3. Justus from the Seely side is nice. What about Grayson for a boy or Lauren for a girl. I have some other names i will send to you.

  4. When I was growing up, I had a cat named Orange Oliver. Not sure where we got the name. I guess just because he was orange. I wouldn’t mind you using that name. 🙂

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