I took Alyssa to Walmart today. She’s a very unpredictable kid. There are times when I take her out in public, and if someone looks at her she yells she cries and when asked what is wrong, she’ll say something awful like “She’s looking at me”. Then there are other days when she goes to the store and feels like she has to talk to everyone she runs into. Today, she had to show everyone that her belly button popped, (it’s and outie) so she walked around the store pulling her shirt up to show everyone her belly button. I guess we are all entitled to our mood swings.

Anyway, I took all the kids for haircuts right after school today. Tanner instantly sat down and read Aubrey books while we waited and Emma held a sleeping Alyssa while I talked with the lady at the front. I guess I’m starting to look pregnant, because the lady in the front asked me if I was one of those ladies like on 18 kids and counting. If you haven’t seen that show, it’s a Discovery Channel show about a family, the Duggers, with 18 kids. I felt a little weird about her question, its like we’ve become some sort of a freak show. I had the counselor at the school tell us that we should just start having kids to sell… I wonder… just kidding!

While we were at the hair cut place my cell phone rang. My cell phone NEVER rings, so I figured it was Danny. It was Emma’s school teacher. She asked where I was, and said that she was trying to locate us. She then informed me that she was getting ready to leave the school when she noticed one of the kids had left their very important take home final. When she walked over to see who had left their books, binder and test, she was shocked to see that it was Emma’s. She said she went and talked with another teacher and they decided that they couldn’t do that to Emma, and so they tracked us down. The teacher even brought it over to the hair cut place we were at, came in and harassed Emma, and left. I was so amazed that she would go out of her way to do something that kind. It really would have been tragic had we discovered the missing test on Saturday. There was a brief thought in my mind that maybe Emma needed to learn that there are consequences to her mistakes, but the teachers point was that Emma is so good, and there are also rewards for hard work. I hope Emma learned that if she continues to work hard, be honest and try her hardest, things wont always work out, but people are more likely to show you mercy. Emma was very grateful though, and will have to bake her teacher some cookies.