Random thoughts…

Someone, probably one of MY kids told Alyssa that she will get flushed down the toilet, so after 5 months of almost perfect potty training Alyssa has developed a fear of the potty. Of course no one will admit to it… I think she’s worked through it and will potty with a step stool for her feet.

Star Wars, YIKES, Tanner and Aubrey have been watching Star Wars this weekend, and now I know why I have never watched these movies. The noise that comes off of those movies without watching the story line is just down right nerve wracking! I’m banning Star Wars for at least a year.

4 days to my ultra sound, and 5 days until Danny’s parents come to visit. Should be a good week.

One thought on “Random thoughts…”

  1. I hear ya about Star Wars! I have a hard time watching, or just listening to them from another room.

    Excited about the ultra sound! I can’t wait to hear what you’re having!

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