What we are reading

Tanner and I finished Island of the Blue Dolphins. I was surprised at his reaction to the book. He was very upset when the dog died, and asked me to read that page, we take turns reading pages. Emma has since joined us in our reading so we all take turns. We also finished Cricket in Times Square. They all liked that story, it was upbeat and happy. They loved it when they got a turn to read and it was the Chinese guy speaking, they really got into be theatrical with their reading. We took a week off and Tanner and Emma have been nagging me non stop to pick a new book. I finally did and we are reading Treasure Island. The language is more difficult, and it’s a hard book to ready out loud, exactly the challenge I was looking for. So far we are all enjoying it. Danny is reading Kirsten it’s an American Girl Story with Aubrey and Alyssa.

Tanner is really taken with 39 Clues. It’s written by Rick Riordan the same author as Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I really enjoyed his Olympians series, but 39 Clues is a little less mature, but Tanner really likes it. Book two came out in December, I haven’t’ bought it yet, I ordered it this week. There is a game online associated with the book, and they have to solve all sorts of geography and history clues to get to the prize. Tanner was funny, he told me to start staying home more because UPS will be delivering his prize. I hate to burst his bubble…

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  1. It was great to see you today! Maybe sometime we can talk! we liked tanners book too! Funny about Ups!

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