Egg Coloring

Last year we were in Yakima and colored eggs with cousins. The kids were really disappointed that we couldn’t make it there this year… sigh, sometimes making the unpopular decision just isn’t any fun.
We went to Virginia City this morning for a community egg hunt. Fun, but a little chilly, the views from the top of the mountain though were amazing.
This evening we colored eggs. Alyssa was a terror, pulling eggs out and splashing a new egg in as fast as she could, she had fun though. I think she colored a full dozen in the amount of time it took the other kids to do just a couple of eggs. We finally pulled her away from egg coloring and into a bath and off to bed. She didn’t get much of a nap today and really needed to go to sleep. She didn’t even argue.

2 thoughts on “Egg Coloring”

  1. Alyssa sounds like Sadie. She did seven in something like 60 seconds. Then I made her re-dye the ones that she had already done. Hayden was happy with just one egg that he would take in and out and eventually squish.

  2. Good for you for coloring eggs. Your kids look very intent. Never managed to get to the egg coloring at our house this season. Next year…

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