Soccer Season

Soccer Season began last Saturday. Aubrey, Tanner and Emma are all playing on different teams this year and on different fields so we are running around like crazy people.
Emma’s game was at 7:30 this morning, and it was a whopping 27 degrees out there. I don’t have a coat that is fitting at the moment so I froze my, well it was cold! The kids would kick the ball and scream in pain from their cold toes. They warmed up eventually but I didn’t, I was ready for that game to end.

Aubrey played at 9:00am. Danny took her to the game, and she rocked! That kid has no fear, and scored three goals. It was actually two, one bounced out, but try convincing her that it didn’t count. I was happy to catch the last few minutes of her game. Watching 4 year olds play is my favorite.

Tanner’s game was at the same time as Aubrey’s just on the field next to Aubrey’s. So we went over to watch his game next. Tanner often plays goalie, and I must admit it gives me a lot of anxiety, especially if the game is tied and it’s the last quarter which is what happened today. He managed to keep every ball out of the net, I almost couldn’t watch every time the ball went that way, but he was great!

4 thoughts on “Soccer Season”

  1. Thanks so much for the updates and pictures. We miss you guys and this keeps it from being so bad.

  2. Psst. I heard that you have taken to hissing at people. Very funny stuff indeed.

  3. Yeah, who told you my dark secrets. Let’s just say that if I hiss at someone they had it coming. Hissing and growling occasionally is fine as long as I don’t bite right?

  4. Cho mama told me. She thought that it was the funniest thing. I laughed because I could just imagine you doing it. If you start to bite, then you would be a Cullen since vampires do hiss and bite as well. Great action pics bytheway.

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