It's been a while

I have been slacking on my blog lately. There have been many things to blog about, I’ve just been lacking the motivation to blog.
We’ve had a lot of ultrasounds lately. It’s been weird because we’ve had only one this pregnancy, but in the last few weeks we’ve had 3 really long ultrasounds. The baby has been sideways with its head under my ribs on the left and its butt under my ribs on the right. Its little legs have been tightly closed and it has refused to reveal its gender. Not that at this point it really matters, I’ve been OK not knowing what this baby is, I just wanted it to turn head down.
I went in for another ultrasound today, and the baby has turned. I could have told them that, I felt it turn last week at 3 in the am, there was no mistaking it, but now that it has turned, we were able to learn the gender.

It’s a girl!

We couldn’t be happier! Another girl, three teenage girls at the same time, more tights, hair things and mary jane shoes. But also more sweet kisses and loves, and all the joy little girls bring.

For those of you worried about Tanner, he seems to be taking the news well. The blow was softened a little by going to a friends house this afternoon. He did ask if we could build him a room over the garage. We’ll start a fund for that 🙂

Anyway, all is well in the our home, and we’re looking forward to the arrival of our little girl. Now for a name. We had a name picked out for a boy, Gavin Justus, but that isn’t going to work for a little girl, so back to the name books and lists. We are open to suggestions.

Well there you have it! 7 weeks and counting.

5 thoughts on “It's been a while”

  1. I’m glad that she turned and all is well. Congrats on girl #4, the teenage years will sure be fun! You could go for another name that starts with “a” like Ashley or Annie. But then would Emma feel left out? I don’t think I ever told you that if we ever have a girl her name is Aubrey – just like yours!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! You have the cutest little girls I am glad you are having another one!:) Can’t wait to see her and also hear what name you pick! How fun!:)

  3. Well that’s just awesome! There are lots of prayers being said for her and you in Alaska and Arizona that I personally know of. For what it’s worth, my grandmother on my mom’s side was named Annie.

    Love and miss you guys, Grandpa O’Barr

  4. Hey Connie, Congrats on another girl! So excited for you!! We decided not to do soccer this year. Hope you guys have fun with it. Hope you don’t mind I peaked in on your blog from a friends!!!!

  5. That’s great! Good luck with everything. I love all the little girly things! So fun!

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