More end of school year fun

It’s been a hard time to have a new baby with all of the end of school year events. I really just want to stay home and enjoy, but I have the dilemma of wanting to be there for my older children also.

Yesterday was Emma’s promotion from elementary school to middle school! Aaack! Can I really have a newborn and a middle schooler? Emma’s had a great year and great teachers the last two years, I’m just bursting with pride. Today Emma’s teacher from last year wrote her a cute letter and gave her a gift card to Border’s it’s been so nice having teachers who care and love my children.

Emma with Ms. Musselman and Ms. Horn

As for Hallie, she had a doctors appointment today. She is 10 days old, and doing great. She is not up to her birth weight yet, but the doctor doesn’t seem too worried as this is my 5th kid and she doesn’t doubt my abilities. That is more then I can say for her assistant. She is training a very young girl today and she sent her in to do the exam first and then come and tell her what she finds. This poor girl found a baby with black eyes and blood filled whites of her eyes. She was under birth weight and she went into a panic. She must not have much experience with newborns because she ran out of the exam room to tell the doctor that this baby was in trouble. The doctor laughed and then brought her in to explain about what happens when a baby comes out sunnyside up and with a vacuum. She also explained that my milk is slow to come in and that I’m not a new mom and that the baby is looking great.

Hallie 10 days old

With all the school stuff now over with I’m looking forward to a nice couple of days at home, and a long summer.

2 thoughts on “More end of school year fun”

  1. I love that picture of Emma with her classmates. Nothing like a cute girl standing out in a crowd. So funny about the Doc assistant going into a panic.

  2. I loved Emma's dress (it took me like half a second to find her) and the fact that she was the only one wearing a dress. Your baby pics are cute. If you wanted me to try some as well, I will be over August 21st. The ast. must have been brand spanking new. How did she ever make it through her school clinicals. Always torture the newbies.

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