Enrichment Hike

Above: Winnemucca Lake
Look at that snow, we were at an elevation close to 9000′

Let me just say I agonized over my decision to go on this hike. I am not in the best of shape, but LOVE to be outdoors hiking. I really didn’t want to be embarrassed by not being able to make it to the end of the hike, and had decided not to go, when at the last minute I put on my shoes, said a fast prayer and headed out the door before I could talk myself back out of going. You see I really HATE (hate is a strong word I always tell my children; use it sparingly) that I am not where I want to be in my appearance, and I know it affects who I am inside and out. OK enough of that downer, we’ll move on to the positive part of this. I MADE IT!
The hike was to Winnemucca Lake in the Sierra’s. It was 4.4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 400′ give or take a few. Not overly challenging for some, but I knew for me in my current state, it would be a challenge. I loved every moment of it, except a few hills.
When we got back to the church it was pretty late, everyone was very nice and paused with me while I stopped to feed Hallie so we got back later then we had anticipated. I had to get Hallie into the car and when I went to start my car everyone was gone, and my car wouldn’t start. Luckily a lady who I was hiking with paused to see if I pulled out of the parking lot and when I hadn’t she quickly returned. I’m so glad that she did, because Danny would have had to wake the kids to come down and help me and he didn’t have car seats for everyone. Anna’s husband quickly came to the rescue and got me on the road in just a manner of minutes. I had one of those moments of thankfulness for the people in our ward, and this place that we live. I’m thankful for spirit that touches my heart and being in nature reminds me of the wonderfulness this world still has even when there are times when I think that everything is falling apart.
Now off to Utah for us tomorrow. 9 hours of driving, maybe more with stopping to feed Hallie.
These pictures were taken by one of the ladies on the hike. Thank you to everyone who took my backpack, held the baby, and made the evening a lot of fun.

This is Sunset Lake I think, one of many lakes we could see or passed on the hike

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  1. Good for you! I bet it was so worth it! Glad you had a great time!I need to take your advice! And go on a Hike! Thanks for it!:)

  2. You did fantastic on the hike! Kicked my butt, for sure. The lake with the sunset was Caples lake.

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