Summer Happenings

The kids were playing one of their favorite games the other day titled “Get on Mom’s Last Nerve”. So before they could win the game I came up with a game of my own, and told them to go dig a hole in the backyard. Of course, as hoped their imaginations went wild, and they started dreaming about digging a hole so big all we would have to do is pour concrete in it and we’d have a swimming pool, then it morphed into tunnels that travel through the backyard, with lighting and benches along the ways… I let them run with it. I love their imagination. If you have ever seen our backyard you’d know it’s like digging in cement, but I didn’t tell them this, I just handed out shovels and let them go. They quickly discovered this wouldn’t be as easy as they imagined but they put Aubrey on water duty and she shuttled water from the hose in a bucket to the place they were digging to help soften our concrete dirt. Somehow though with the running buckets of water Tanner’s shovel connected with Aubrey’s head…sigh… now I have to come up with a new game. (Aubrey wasn’t seriously injured, just a little wound).

So hiking we would go, NorthStar at Tahoe is only charging $5 for an adult to ride the gondola’s and ski lifts and free for children. This is the first time I have walked into a place with a big grin on my face and said “5 children please!” It came to $10 and we spent an entire day riding gondola’s and hiking in the Sierra’s!

Aubrey and Tanner on the Gondola

My little Aubrey has a loose tooth! NO! I refuse to let this happen, it happened with Emma and Tanner, and left me with thousands of dollars worth of orthodontic bills in my future. Aubrey has had such cute straight white teeth and that’s all about to change. When I looked in her mouth to see her loose tooth I noticed that the other tooth has already come in behind it, I swear it came in overnight and it’s huge. I see more orthodontic bills coming my way.

Well, my blogging time is quickly coming to an end this morning. Tanner just came in and informed me that since Emma’s having a friend over today that there will be too many girls here and so he’s wearing camouflage so he can disappear, the fun has begun.

We’re off to Utah this next week, I can’t wait!

Cute kid saying of the week. Yesterday the kids were asking me why the moon was still up in the afternoon, so I asked Aubrey why she didn’t put the moon away this morning, and she quickly informed me it wasn’t on her chore chart. Hmmm, if that is all it takes to get things done, I think her chore chart is about to double in size.

Aubrey and a Alyssa being fashion models and the rare sighting of Tanner practicing piano.
Aubrey loves to cook with me. We made the absolute best chocolate chip cookies last week. Can’t make those anymore, too addicting!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my weight loss site! i LOVE your family! your kids are soooo cute! Can I add you to my blogroll?

  2. You always find such fun things to do with your family. Way to go Tanner for practing. 🙂

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