Summer Fun

Sorry to leave those icky spiders on there for so long. I looked at the blog this morning, and they gross me out so I have to make a post just to get rid of them.

We were at the library on Tuesday and they had a water painting class for the older kids. Tanner sat by his second grade teacher who was also taking the class. She sat and chatted with the kids while they painted and asked them about their summer. Later that afternoon when I was talking with the kids I asked them what they told her when she asked what they were doing this summer. Their response to her was they were just hanging out and really not doing much of anything except chores (insert me banging my head on the wall here).
Considering we have a one month old baby, I feel like I have tried extra hard to get them out and about and having an activity at least weekly. We have been up to Lake Tahoe twice, and hiking countless times. Oh well, we’re headed to SLC on the 17th of July, and I’m sure we’ll find some summer fun there.

Pictures from Saturday’s picnic and hike
Martlette Lake Trail

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun”

  1. Look at all your family fun! You're at full speed ahead again; congradulations and I hope you guys have fun in SLC!

  2. Give me a call I want to go hiking with you and to the lake too. We are leaving in the morning for Idaho for 10 days. Back on the
    13th. Maybe we can go to the lake before you leave for Utah.

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