Our new pets

Aubrey has been telling us for days about the “huge” spider she saw in the garage. This morning while Mom and Emma were out shopping, her and Alyssa went out to play by Daddy’s workbench in the garage. They came back in shouting a few minutes later, and said they saw the spider again. When Dad went to check, he found these two (male and female, perhaps?) hanging out close to eachother. The largest is easily two inches across, from the tip of each leg.

After a little effort, Dad managed to catch them both in a plastic food container. Of course, he couldn’t just smash them on the spot, he had to save them for Mom and Emma to see. It got the appropriate reaction!! Mom posted the above picture right away, to share with the rest of the world. The kids even found a cricket and threw it in the container to see if the spiders would eat it (no, they all left each other alone). Alyssa is all girl and will scream as loud as any about a spider, but she was fascinated by them, and kept wanting to get down and look closely, even if everyone was freaking out that they might jump out on her.

All of the girls can sleep without nightmares though…we left them out on a table on the back patio, forgetting that as the day progressed the sun’s shadow shifts from back to front. Apparently most bugs don’t last too long in 90 degree heat in full sunlight Anyone hungry for sun-roasted spider and cricket?

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  1. That is funny. You wouldn't think that they were that big looking at them. Before you executed them in a most painful and horrific fashion (good for you I will add) you should have put a quarter underneath so we could see the size. I gave my "pet' Ralphina away to a friend. Ralphina was one of those spiders that I posted about in August of 08. Yuck

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