Catching UP

Poor little Hallie is sick.  This is a first for her so I’m counting myself lucky.  I swear I can smell an ear infection, so now I need to decide if I try and let her fight it, or if I just take her in and get it taken care of.  In the past I’ve had the most luck with letting them fight it.  Aubrey had horrible ear infections.  The doctor put her on antibiotics every time, and they eventually came back.  Finally I told the doctor I just wanted to watch it, and she was game to try, she never had another ear infection.  I hate seeing them so sick and miserable.  She spent most of last night sleeping either on my chest or next to Danny.

What does this say about my girls?  Why can’t they just play with Polly dolls the right way? I’ve been finding these all around the house the last few days. (The baggies are filled with water)

I put my first quilt binding on the other day.  I was very nervous about it, and have been putting it off.  The last time I attempted a binding it turned out so horrible, I left half hanging off and hucked it in the garbage I was so frustrated with the whole project.  Alyssa dug it out and has taken a liking to it so I cut off the hanging chunks and gave it to her.  I asked a friend for some advice, and she told me to pin.  So I pinned, and pinned and pinned, using every pin I owned, sewed very slowly and it turned out mediocre if you look closely, but from a distance not too bad.  Now someone needs to teach me the trick to mitered corners.  I would like to try a little more complicated quilt also, but baby steps is the only way I seem to learn, one thing at a time.

I have mentioned in a previous post I’ve been on a skirt kick.  I finally got one pretty close to perfect the other day.  It turned out so cute.  I tried to get a picture, but there was no cooperation on the end of the unmentioned child.  For some reason she seems to be allergic to the sun and her eyes wouldn’t stop watering even though she was in the shade.  I didn’t want to get frustrated right before church so I let it go.  I’ll get one next week even if she is crying in it.

Now I just need  a sewing work station, I’m getting tired of cleaning up the dining room before dinner every night.

4 thoughts on “Catching UP”

  1. You are just kicking some sewing booty butt. Great job and I am proud of you for remember that it was Christmas 2001 that I had to sew your Christmas stockings. I wish that we lived closer so that we could sew together during the day. It would be fun.

  2. Oh yeah, the polly dolly things is disturbing but funny. They remind me of the specimen jars and bags in science class.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about Hallie, ear infections are no fun; we know how to play that game in this house. Gunner’s had to have bilateral ear tubes placed twice – at 10 mos and this last July. It looks like your binding went well. I hope it was better than you hoped for because it looks that way, congradulations!

  4. That quilt is beautiful! Way to go Connie! I hate using bindings. I usually try to find some alternate way to finish the edges, which usually ends up looking ok. Sometimes it takes a little more creative thinking than I’m used to doing. I totally agree with your friend though, pin, pin pin! Especially if you ever use a really smooth fabric. I finfished a small baby quilt for a friend a while ago with a silky backing and there were no spaces between pins. I hope that since she hasn’t been sick much that Hallie will be a non-ear infection every week baby. My sister had ear infecitons all the time till she was about a year old and my mom took her to a chiropractor. It sounds kinda crazy, but it helped.

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