It has not been one of my better weeks.  I went to the doctor last Thursday, just for some routine things, and she said you have a sore throat you just don’t know it yet.  Sure enough I woke up the next day with a sore throat and a cold.  It only got worse and Danny was headed out of town.  Then I had a dentist appointment, and she said that I needed a root canal, and sure enough I woke the next morning with a tooth ache.  I ended up sick and with a tooth ache, and Danny out of town.  It was not one of my better weeks with my kids, of course they all had places to be and things that needed to be done, and I didn’t feel like doing any of it. I’m feeling better and I am on antibiotics for my tooth, with a root canal scheduled for next week.  I told Danny for mother’s day he was buying me an $800 crown, somehow I don’t feel like much of a queen.

Mother’s Day as always was delightful.  With Danny everyday is Mother’s Day so I didn’t really notice a huge change.  The kids were all sweet even though the week before I wasn’t a very nice person.  They all had sweet cards, with sweet messages for me.  Danny got up with the kids and made me my favorite, crepes stuffed with sweetened whipped cream cheese and fresh strawberries.  Alyssa being the little mama that she is demanded breakfast in bed also.  Danny being the gentleman that he is brought her breakfast in bed.  The picture cracks me up, she obviously doesn’t appreciate my choice of breakfast.

I’m primary chorister, and the Sister who plays the piano wanted for Mother’s Day to not have to play in sacrament meeting.  So she asked her husband to play the song the kids were singing, and then he asked Danny to lead for me.  So that is how it went down.  It was a sweet little service that our men did for us.  Thank You honey for being a good sport.

A few pictures from the activities that continue to go on even when Mom is sick…

Here is one of those assignments that are given to torture the parents.  Emma had to make a diagram of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the entire range, and label all cities, rivers, landmarks etc…  We worked on this for weeks.  The instructions said that we could use any medium, I wanted to use mashed potatoes and gravy, I was voted down by Emma, so I made up some salt dough, and we glued sand on top to look like the desert and painted the rest.  It turned out great, I think, let’s hope the teacher agrees.

Wednesday we had the Activity Day year in review.  (I think that is what it’s called).  Anyway, Emma played I Feel My Savior Love on the flute, along with open and closing song on the piano.  She was a nervous wreck, I was sick, and wasn’t very compassionate about her nervousness, sigh…  She did really well, and I was proud of her being able to push past her fears and do it even though her mother wasn’t saying or doing the right things that night.

And not to leave Tanner out, he stayed out of my way, and helped me with the little girls by engaging them in Lego building events.  Here is his ultra fast police car, that no one would be able to out run.  Tanner was a lot of help this week, as was Emma.

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  1. My first thought what that the doctors were placing subliminal messages into your brain to make you sick because they need the work. 🙂 That sucks to be sick but it sounds like you pulled through. Do you get a gold crown like mine because I can’t have the porcelin stuff because I grind so badly when I sleep? We could both be queens of gold then. Lastly, ah the blintzes. I am so addicted to those ever since you took me to that place in Carson City. I always look for them now whenever I am out and about for breakfeast. Jealousy.

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