Up, UP and Away

Saturday morning begins early around our house, not unlike any other morning really.  Out side we went after dad made a kid favorite breakfast of camels eye.  Weed picking and back yard clean up was on the list of things to be done.  Everyone worked really hard, and most of the weeds were pulled, lawns mowed, sprinklers fixed, old broken toys, chairs taken to the trash.  Then the kids ran through the sprinklers, and it was still morning.  I remembered something I had read in the paper the day before, and since the chores were done, we headed to a near by town for a Fly In.  I had read in the paper that they were giving free plane rides to kids, and I warned the kids that they would not be going up in a plane, but when we got there, I changed my mind.  It was only for kids older than 8 and younger than 17.  The program is sponsored by Harrison Ford, which made Tanner’s Day, I guess he plays in Star Wars or something.  The pilot was so nice and friendly, and the kids had so much fun.  I guess he turned the plane on it’s side for them, flew them out over a nearby lake, and just took them for a joy ride.  The purpose of the program is to open the kids eyes to careers in aviation.  Tanner’s eyes are open!  He has airplane on the brain.  I love watching the kids find so much joy in life.

Aubrey and Alyssa enjoyed watching all the planes land and take off right next to them.  They just let us walk around on the run way, it was a little crazy, a plane would start up and we’d look to see which one, and step out of it’s way, but it was all happening right there.  They had a few helicopters taking off also, so much to see, and touch, best of all it was FREE!  I love that kind of fun!

They flipped a coin to see who got to ride as co-pilot, Emma won.

Safe, on the ground, to tell you the truth I was relieved to see them.

3 thoughts on “Up, UP and Away”

  1. Landon, Hayden and Logan did that last year and had sooo much fun! A bit freaky thinking about your babies up in those little planes though! Such a cool experience for them to have!

  2. You think that he is in Star Wars or something???? 🙂 Oh my Connie friend. Harrison Ford is the hottie Han Solo in the first three (or maybe the middle three movies) and he was my favorite. It’s what really got his career going. Okay enough about Harrison, (slobbering over thoughts of young Han Solo) but that is cool that they got to go for a flight. Tanner would make an awesome pilot. Good stuff.

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