The Good, Bad and Ugly

There was a lot of ugliness today.  The slum lord of this house, is not exactly my favorite person.  I marched all 5 kids into his office today to show him that we were real people.  The house was not cleaned, and it has major plumbing leaks.  The flooring is nasty, and I can’t use the laundry room because of a large leak in the upstairs bathroom that keeps flooding the basement.  Really did he not think I would notice?  I think I finally have his attention, after threatening to call the health department and getting the house condemned, he told me to make a list of things.  Hmmm, should I start with the scotch tape holding the counter tops together, or how about the water damage done to all of the floors and ceilings.  Oh wait, maybe the missing shingles, can’t wait for a snow storm, we’ll really be able to experience it as it falls INTO the house.  So since I have decided that I will find a positive in every situations, here we go.  The rooms are large, and there is a space for all of the kids.  The outside of the house is fab, it is on a full acre and it backs to a creek that the kids can sled down and also explore the woods.  We back to a state park with a lake.  There is fishing, hiking, bike trails, and really the neighborhood is very picturesque.  The house has a large wrap around porch that I can’t wait to sit on.  So delightful, as long as you don’t go inside.

The Relief Society President brought us dinner tonight.  We were brought dinner last night and again tomorrow night.  This has been so nice.  The RSP was truly inspired today.  She showed up unannounced at the height of all chaos happening.  I was in tears, and she swooped me off into her car for a tour of town and a trip to some of the best hot spots.  We went to a little German grocery store.  I wish I could remember the name of it, but what a sweet little store.  They have all of their own brand products, and they sell them cheap.  So cheap that you have to insert a quarter into the cart in order to use it and if you think they are going to bag your stuff you are out of luck, and they don’t provide any bags for you either.  Although boxes are free if you collect them yourself while walking through the store.  Milk was $1.29 a gallon.  For you Daytonites, Smiths isn’t Smiths here.  It’s Kroger, and it’s a super Kroger, a lot like a Super Wal Mart only nicer and more like a Target.  They have furniture, sheets, towels, a mini doctor clinic… tons of services.  It’s only 5 minutes from the house, and delightful.

So although things aren’t all fairies, rainbows and unicorns, it’s decent, and I have hope that it will only get better.  Danny starts work on Monday and that will be the last of our unknowns.  We have already met delightful people, and can’t wait to go to church on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and Ugly”

  1. We miss you guys already. Connie, you have such a beautiful family. I hope you know how much we all loved you guys.

  2. I want a porch!!! That is one thing they have out east that they just forgot about over here! Always remember the good with the bad. I had one of your “ugly” sunday mornings “today”. I am going to look for the good as well! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, it sounds like a fun day. Your yard does sound really fun for the kids. Hopefully the house will get fixed up quickly. Just keep taking all 5 kids into his office to check in on him. He’ll have you on his mind frequently.

    I’m glad the RS is helping you settle in. They sound amazing.

  4. I love your new RS president already! What a great ward to bring in meals already! I love how you took the kids into the Landlord. That was BRILLIANT! How long is your lease there? We miss you loads…but are excited to hear about your new adventures! Love ya

  5. I guess you’ll be looking for a house of your own once Danny feels comfortable at his work? Send me your mailing address, or it’ll be no Christmas presents from Uncle Jeff. Tell us about the town a little and where it’s located. How far from Eva Marie are you? I hope the kids adjust well to the new school sytem and the like. We miss you guys and hope to see you sometime, maybe in the spring.
    Uncle Jeff

  6. I’m pretty sure you could get out of your lease with those kinds of conditions! YUK! and kudos to you for bringing your kids into the office!

    we need your address for christmas cards! could you have emma email it to kennidy, please.

    we really miss you guys. kennidy sits at home most days and does nothing. i’m getting kind of tired of it. when did you say you were coming back to visit?

  7. Moving is always hard, always a transition, and always an adventure. We are glad to know that you all made it safe. Hope your landlord is cooperative. We’ll keep on keeping you in our prayers!

  8. Connie, way to go! You are amazing! I hope these problems are resolved quickly for you. The area really sounds great. We miss you guys!

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