I got Ice

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  It may surprise you to learn that I didn’t recieve a single flower or piece of candy, no card or even a small token of love.  The day started like any other day, Hallie screaming for her father from her bed, where he stumbled down the hall at 5:00ish in the AM.  Showers, breakfast and kids out the door for school.  I went grocery shopping, had stomach issues, came home before finishing.  When Danny got home, I took Emma and returned to the grocery store to finish up (it was a big shop day).  When I got home, it was past dinner time, so I quickly whipped up some buttermilk pancakes, and we topped them with strawberries and whip cream, bacon and orange juice were also served.  Danny quickly took a few kids to the dining room to get the table set, and that is when I got my Valentine’s Day gift.  I heard Danny tell Tanner, go get 2 pieces of ice and put them in Mom’s cup.  This may seem insignificant to most, but Danny knew that I like my orange juice with ice.  I felt a little teary eyed as I heard him ask his son, and explain quietly why Mom needed ice. As the evening went on, I got Aubrey into a shower while Danny started some laundry and hung up some other laundry.  Then I overheard him helping Tanner with some massive math homework, something involving X and how long it would take him to get to Mars if it took so long to get to Mercury.  Yikes, another teary moment that he was handling yet another problem.  As the evening went on, I noticed as Danny went down and switched yet another load of laundry, and started to wash the dishes that were in the sink that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher so that I wouldn’t have a load of dirty dishes in the morning.  As I quietly observed all that he did I realized that every day is Valentine’s Day for me.  So no chocolate or flowers were involved, but I had a mighty fine Valentine’s Day.

Kids are sweet–Tanner got this in his box, the boys ripped it out of his hand while he was reading it, and tore it but Tanner held his head high, and didn’t let their teasing bother him.  Hope some little girls heart wasn’t broken, he has to ride the bus home.