So Behind

The world is still spinning but we’ve been spinning in one giant gray cloud.  The sun has finally shown himself today and I have the windows open and I’m airing out the house.  Swim lessons continue, as does life of a family with 5 children.  The kids are doing really well in school, and loving every moment that they are there.  I have been trying to take a picture daily, but got behind, and then didn’t know where to start back up.  I have no idea what day I’m on anymore, and am too frustrated from falling behind to figure it out.  I don’t want my blog to become something I avoid because I didn’t fulfill an expectation.  I really don’t want to quit documenting life with photos everyday, I need some new ideas, and need to get creative.  I will post what I have and continue to take pictures.  Any ideas of what I can capture with my camera?

Fancy Nancy party at the local library

Funny story, Hallie has become deathly afraid of baths.  A few weeks ago she…well…pooped in the bath, and of course Alyssa was in there and screamed, and then all the kids came to see what was going on and they all freaked out and screamed about how gross it was–you get the picture right?  Now Hallie thinks she is going to do it again, and cries and holds her bottom through the baths, and if anything happens to float in the tub she panics even more because she thinks she… the joys!

Another odd story.  We have this neighbor who throws all of his leftovers over our fence.  He likes to feed the birds (in my yard).  I have talked with him and explained that I have a dog, and don’t want her eating his leftover sandwiches, cakes, cookies, cheese and anything else he forgot to eat, and he assured me that he would stop… Maybe he forgot, or just thinks that I would forget, but every day his uneaten food is in my yard.  Maybe he hopes the birds will eat it before I notice, who knows but kind of funny.

We live directly across the street from Alum Creek Reservoir.  We hear it is quite the popular recreational place during the summer, but as you can see in the winter it is frozen solid.  The kids wanted to walk out to the buoy.  We cross the bridge almost daily and can’t wait to see it defrosted, full of boats and us on it’s beaches.

Sun came out!  Alyssa took a little jog down to the creek, as you can see she is still wearing skirts everyday, I wonder if she’ll ever out grow it?

2 thoughts on “So Behind”

  1. Take a picture of something that made you smile. If it passes too quickly to grab the camera, describe it.

    And then maybe once or twice a week, make it a point to post a picture (or multiple pictures,) of something big. Or when something big happens.

    Its still weird to think that you guys are in Ohio! (Wait, it’s Ohio, right?) I hope you have settled in well 🙂

    PS. I think I made a “little floaty” in the tub when I was younger, as well. I’m not sure, though, if I did I probably blocked it from memory…

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