Life in Ohio

Occasionally I get surprised how quickly life is moving.  It seems like just last week that the H family was visiting and we were up at Kirtland and now May is coming to a close.  Summer is just around the corner, and life is steadily moving in a forward direction.

Tanner had his first and last pinewood derby here in Ohio.  With only one son, this was my last pinewood derby as well.  He placed second.  He has finished up his Webelo requirements, and I have upgraded him to a khaki shirt.  I had to change the troop numbers and other badges, so I figured why do it twice.

There are about 20 boys and he seems to be fitting right in.

Mother’s Day has also come and gone.  I got all sorts of fine poetry.  My favorite line was when Tanner compared me to a loaf of fresh bread… that gave me something to ponder, am I soft and doughy? warm and comforting, hot and smelly?  So many ways to take that.  The kids gave me a new cookbook that I’ve been wanting, that’s a gift everyone benefits from right?  I really enjoyed church, the men filled in for all callings and the women went to Sunday School and Relief Society.

Our R.S. president told us a story about a turkey that lives at her Mom’s house.  She had a picture of this turkey and it was losing it’s feathers and was skinny and looked ill.  She (the turkey) was sitting on a nest.  This turkey had been sitting on her eggs, and it was obvious that they were not ever going to hatch, and no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t get her to leave her babies.  She suffered from hunger and was about to die herself for the sake of her babies.  So our R.S. president’s Mom got an idea and took some viable chicken eggs, and was able to coax the turkey off her nest long enough to put the chicken eggs in place of her eggs.  The turkey hatched her chicken eggs and life was good.  Now there are so many morals you could draw from this story but her point was that we are here to help one another.  We are sisters, and just as her mother helped out this other mother (the turkey) we are woman and are here to aid one another.  Then we went to the gym for a brunch and a professional photo of us together as sisters.

I think that Ohio has got to be the lawn mowing capital of the USA.  Lawn covers everything here, and people are crazy about it.  Danny is working so hard and we are on 1 acre of lawn, and he just doesn’t have the time to mow it.  I want him here on Saturday with us, and not out pushing a mower, so I’ve taken this chore upon me.  Every Friday is lawn mowing day here.  It takes me almost 3 hours, and by the end of the 3 hours I’m resembling the Jolly Green Giant, minus the Jolly part.  The first time I mowed it I didn’t realize that the mower was self propelled (duh- palm of hand to face).  The next time I mowed it I looked down and wondered what that lever was for, pushed it down and off goes the mower.  I’m on the look out for a used riding mower.

Worms ooze out of everything here and the girls love them.

All caught up… until tomorrow 🙂