No Excuse

I’m sitting here with my Alyssa, we normally do preschool but today we had Kindermusic and so she is coloring by me on the floor.  I hear her chatter about the beautiful colors of the crayons, the immodest dress of the princess she is coloring. Times have changed and it makes me sad that my 4 year old knows that something is immodest. I know someday I’ll miss her constant chatter.  She sure sees the world differently and the things she says make me giggle. 

A few weeks ago we had a preschool lesson on slavery.  Today while making lunch I looked around the house and said, “Man, I sure could use a maid today”.  Alyssa looked at me so stunned, and then asked me if I’d let my maid go when I was done with him.  I can’t wait until she is in Kindergarten, I’ll make a deal with the teacher that I wont believe half of what Alyssa says happens at school if she wont believe half of what Alyssa says happens at home.

So much has happened recently, and there is so much to tell, I just don’t know where to begin.  For starters Danny and I bought another home. We close on it in a month, and I am so relieved. The new house is the biggest of all the homes we have owned, but half the cost. I love the mid west! What a relief to me to own another home.  Now we can belong, and I am never moving again, someone remind me of this statement if I ever get a bright idea to buy another home or move again. I really love this home, it sits on half an acre, and it is perfect for our family.

A little catch up on everyone since I have been such a slacker:

First Day of School=cold and miserable

I’m a little sentimental lately.  When I went to take a bath the other day this is what greeted me.  I’m sure that someday I’m going to miss stuff like this, so I post this picture to remind myself to enjoy the little annoyances of life.

Aubrey had her 7th birthday. What a delightful child she is. She wanted donuts brought into the school, and she wanted her teacher to throw her up the to the ceiling and that is exactly what happened, but not before he made her stand on a stool and do a dance while the class sung to her.  Then he picked her up and threw her up to the ceiling.  She was as delighted as can be.  That evening she wanted to go to build a bear.  We brought her home and had homemade mushroom and Canadian bacon pizza,cake and ice cream.  Aubrey is my little mama, my helper, my smiler, my overall easy to be with happy child.

Apple Picking

The opportunity to pick apples is abundant in Ohio.  We went out to an orchard not far from our home and a farmer who reminds me of my grandfather in his overalls gave us the run down on all the types of apples available.  The kids went a little nuts and we are still eating apples. Good thing they like them!

Still mowing my giant back yard.  Never saw anything like this in Nevada (mushrooms), and no we didn’t eat them.

Two year old mascara trouble– I knew something like this would eventually happen. So far so good with girls cutting their own hair, now that I’ve said it… any ideas what my next blog post will be about?

Picture below was taken with the a cell phone, I put a V over Emma’s head.  The 8th grade band played with the high school band. Ohio takes their sports seriously and the band is pretty impressive. This gave us a small glimpse of what our weekends are going to look like for the next 4 years.

That about catches me up for the last month I’ve missed.  Things will be crazy for the next month, but once we get moved in and settled, I’ll post some pictures of the new house.

3 thoughts on “No Excuse”

  1. Loved the updates. Emma looks so grown up. Alyssa has always been the one, that you never know what is going to come out of her mouth. Aubrey looks smiley as ever. Tanner looks as serious and so grown up too. Little Hallie just wanted to have makeup on like Mom. Luv and miss all of you.

  2. I just love all the fun pictures! I can’t believe Emma is in 8th grade! Your kids are all getting so big. I’m trying to savor all the baby moments with Evelyn that I can because I know it will go by in a flash. I remember finding mushrooms that size in Alaska. Good luck with your move. Sounds like the new house is fantastic!

  3. So I was creeping on your blog again, and I just noticed that Aubrey’s cake was a snake! I guess that first pic didn’t load the first time I ready this. That cake is awesome! Some super awesome mom must have made that. 🙂

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