Lots this week

It’s been a very busy week. It was spirit week at the school so Emma and Tanner had to go to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Tanner went as an FBI agent, but that seems to change often. He had a thing in his ear and a two way radio, he wore a white shirt and tie. Emma went as a gymnast and an author, she couldn’t narrow it down to just one I guess. So I put her hair up and stuck pencils in it for the author part and she wore one of her gymnast get ups with a pair of pants over it. I wonder how hard it was for her to go to the bathroom all day… Wednesday was crazy hair day. Tanner wanted a mo hawk, so a mo hawk he got. Emma went with some funky buns and I colored parts of her hair green. Thursday was PJ day, it’s an odd feeling to send my kids anywhere in their PJ’s, but they seemed happy.

We also had our last week of swim lessons. Aubrey has been having so much fun swimming. Tanner has gotten pretty good, and can now jump off the diving board and swim to the side, so it should be a fun summer up at Lake Tahoe. The teachers just loved Aubrey, they seemed to get a kick out of everything she did or said. It’s fun to watch her listen and obey the coaches. She is growing up so fast, I hope I don’t miss something. Aubrey even got up the courage to go off the diving board, I was proud of her.

Did anyone see the Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday. Everyone was pretty excited to see it around here. I’m a wimp, I came out for a few minutes, but it was too cold for me. Here’s a picture of the kids (and Danny) watching the eclipse.

I’m still going to the gym everyday except Saturdays and Sundays. I’ve stepped it up to 45 minutes on the elliptical and I vary the intensity of it. I do around 3.5 miles and burn almost 500 calories daily, but I’m only down 6 pounds after 4 weeks of this. I’ve started a food diary so hopefully I will be able to narrow down where I’m really messing up. I’m hoping to be down 30 pounds by summer. Alyssa has been so sick this week so I’ve been going to the gym at 5:30 or 6:00am so Danny can stay with her. I’ll be happy when she is feeling better and I can sleep a little later. I must say I’m proud of myself for my dedication to this gym thing that I go even when I have to get up early to go. I think I prefer going at 9:00am after I get the kids off to school. Well, its been a busy week, hopefully this next week everyone will be healthy and happy and we wont be quite so busy in the evenings.

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  1. connie? i hope i got your blog right. thanks for commenting on my post. i appreciate that.

    i love blogging. you are really good at capturing a lot of life as well. looks like you already do a lot of homeschooling.

    your children are beautiful. such a lovely family.

    keep posting!


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