Sledding at Lake Tahoe

Well, we took our annual sledding trip at Lake Tahoe. As you can see everyone had loads of fun, and thankfully no one was hurt. Tanner hit a tree with his leg, and Aubrey and her little friend Kendra took off through the trees and Kendra’s father had to jump in front of the sleigh to stop them, but overall it was a success. Alyssa is feeling under the weather again. I can’t help but have a little guilt she has been sick free since she was born and since I stopped nursing her she’s been sick twice back to back. Parenting comes with so much guilt. Alyssa did hop on the sled with Danny and Aubrey a few times and had a little fun. The picture of her with her double barrel snot pretty much summed up her thoughts on sledding. Maybe next year she’ll enjoy it a little more.

One thought on “Sledding at Lake Tahoe”

  1. Well, these are my grandchildren (Grandma Titcomb) and are they darling. It is such a payday to see pictures like these. Thankfully, they had such a good time and no one got hurt. These are a good set of parents and they sure do justice for their children. Thanks for sharing them. Love, Mom and Grandma

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