My Dirty Little Secret

OK, I have a confession to make. I have a messy bedroom. I strive hard to keep the majority of my home in a semi clean fashion, but my bedroom seems to be the dumping ground of the family. I decided that today was the day and that my room was going to be clean! So for your viewing pleasure, I have before and after pictures.
Some of the things that came out of my room.
-7 pair of kid shoes
-two bags of garbage
-hair things, and more hair things
-dust, at least 2 pounds
-books, books that I’m not reading, but someone else in the house is
-toys, wow, why do I have so many toys in my bedroom
-a sit and spin
-used Q tips, ewww!
So shun me if you wish, but I did fix it, and now I’m reaching out to others with the same dirty secret.
I was too lazy to change the lens on the camera, so I could only get close up pictures, but I think you can see a difference.
Tune in tomorrow for the Master Bath…